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EZ Hammer Tech Night in Eugene

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Join Industrial Finishes and EZ Hammer at our Eugene, Oregon, education center on February 28 for a live door skin attachment demonstration! The event is free and starts at 5:30 pm PST. The EZ Hammer Professional Dent Removal Kit removes dents in steel and aluminum and can be used in very tight spaces. The kit comes with multiple attachments for many types of dent removal.

During the demonstration, the EZ Hammer kit will be available for $269 – a $30 dollar savings! Attendees will also have a chance to win an EZ Hammer kit for FREE!

LOCATION: Industrial Finishes & Systems Eugene Education Center

DATE/TIME: February 28, 2018; 5:30-7:00 pm

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Industrial Finishes Joins Elkhart Chamber of Commerce

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Industrial Finishes recently joined the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce in Elkhart, Indiana. Elkhart is the home of the RV Industry and is one of Industrial Finishes & Systems’ key distribution points.

We’re very happy to be a part of the thriving business community in Elkhart and we look forward to becoming an even more involved part of the local business landscape and leadership.

For more information regarding Industrial Finishes’ support for the RV Industry, please contact us! We’re here and happy to help.

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Technical Documents Available Online

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

We’ve recently added a simple reference page for technical documents from several of our suppliers. In order to make certain to provide you with the most current technical documents, we’ve provided links that will direct you to the supplier’s own website.

To access technical documents, click here.

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Industrial Finishes Opens Boise, Idaho Store

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Please join us in welcoming our newest Industrial Finishes location – Boise, Idaho!

Boise is a very strategic market from both a geographic and business standpoint. Boise’s position between Industrial Finishes’ Oregon and Utah operations allows us to provide exceptional service to customers in the area. Boise is a rapidly-growing area with expanding opportunities for us to grow our business. We look forward to supporting customers in Idaho and we’re committed to the region’s very bright future.

The addition of the Boise location brings Industrial Finishes’ total distribution centers to 32 nationwide.

Industrial Finishes’ Boise location:

Ship to address: 9530 W. Bethel Court, Suite A, Boise, ID 83709
Bill to address: PO Box 2824, Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: 208-813-0997

Industrial Finishes Opens Fresno, California Store

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Industrial Finishes & Systems is pleased to announce the opening of our latest location – Fresno, California! This location adds to our growing presence in California, joining our locations in Rancho Cordova, Napa, Fremont, and Bakersfield, and Concord. This is the ninth California location overall, as we continue to expand our footprint in the California market.

Strategically placed between Sacramento and Bakersfield, our new location will help better serve the needs of the robust Fresno auto body repair community by providing them with the highest quality service and products.

Our new location in Fresno can be found at 4529 N. Marty Ave #101 and can be reached by phone at 559-416-9550.

Additionally, industry veteran Craig Fry has joined Industrial Finishes & Systems in Fresno. Craig’s experience and focus on service make him a great addition to the team and an asset to body shops and collision repair centers in the Fresno area.

Comp Racer Association Continues

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

For the second consecutive year, the Comp Racer Association will continue its efforts in the 2017 by sponsoring the NHRA Northwest Division 6 Competition eliminator class.

“The Comp Racer Association is made up of multiple sponsors that have continued to support the evolutionary and leading sportsman’s class in Competition Eliminator. This funding is just another way to get the racers back out to the track and showcase the best companies in drag racing” said Jeff Lane, one of the founders of the Comp Racer Association.

The sponsors Action Machine, Burien Boys Motorsports, K&N Filters, Industrial Finishes, Lane Hardwood Floors, QBSI – A Xerox Company, Stevens Pools, Total Seal, and Utilities Service make up the largest sportsman funded program within the NHRA and have raised more $10,000 towards FREE Entry to every Comp racer who attends a Division 6 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event.

With this, for every out of Division 6 racer that attends a Northwest Division 6 event in Competition Eliminator will also receive free entry to the Northwest Nationals.

“Comp is one of the most exciting classes in NHRA, and this effort is just one more step to help get racers to the track,” said Cody Lane. “The goal of the program is to continually increase car counts and show why Competition eliminator deserves to be at all national events like Phoenix, Sonoma and Brainerd. The best way to support the class is to get out there and race.”
The 2017 Lucas Oil Divisional events in Division 6 are:
Firebird Raceway in Boise, Idaho    May 5-7
Mission Raceway in Mission, B.C.    June 2-4
Pacific Raceways in Seattle, Wash.    June 23-25
Woodburn Dragstrip in Woodburn, Ore.     14-16
Northwest Nationals at Pacific Raceways    August 4-6
Pacific Raceways in Seattle, Wash.    August 18-20
Woodburn Dragstrip in Woodburn, Ore.    July 14-16

For more information on the companies that make this great program possible, visit their websites:

Action Machine

K&N Filters

Industrial Finishes

Lane Hardwood Floors

QBSI, A Xerox Company

Stevens Pools

Total Seal

Utilities Service

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Lighting for Vehicles Lifts and Custom Applications Done Right!

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

LiftLyte Magnetic LED Lighting System is a great solution for frame racks, and offers excellent value as it increases efficiency.  The 14′ x 2″ wide angled LED light strips come with strong Neodymuim magnets providing easy installation and flexibility to move or reposition for better area lighting.

As a unique alternative to hand-held lights, the LiftLyte is designed to provide service personnel with a highly effective, full range, Under-Vehicle Lighting System.  High intensity automobile trouble lights produce glare and deep shadows that can mask problem areas… flashlights, floodlights and daylight all share this problem.

The LiftLyte uses LED strip technology to produce a bright, uniform no-glare light devoid of obscuring shadows.  The system is designed to be installed on the side rails of Vehicle Lifts or the side walls of Inspection Pit areas.

The LiftLyte System is attached Magnetically for ultimate versatility including the ability to swap between lifts, moved to accommodate lift accessories or used anywhere you can safely place a magnet…  Hands-Free Lighting – when and where you need it!!!

  • Full Area Illumination
  • No Shadows
  • “Plug & Play” Installation – No hand tools required.
  • Eliminates Lamp or Filament breakage in demanding work applications.
  • More than 30,000 hours of Lamp-Life resulting in lower maintenance costs.
  • Resists Vibration, Impact, Sudden movements and shock.
  • Efficient Light Transmission.
  • Environmentally Protective Coatings for maximum Durability and Long Life


Industrial Finishes and Systems has a select few left at an incredible price of only



For more information on the LiftLyte Magnetic LED Lighting System, please contact Industrial Finishes  by phone at 800.531.1305 or visit your nearest Industrial Finishes Location.  Be sure to click here for ad price and mention it to the salesperson!

Smart, Simple Scheduling

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

(Article courtesy of David Luehr)

Scheduling is a necessity for collision shops that want to improve cycle time and decrease unnecessary work-in-process (WIP). However, far too many shops over-complicate scheduling, spending hours trying to predict the future using unstable labor hours. What I mean by unstable, is that some people, and even electronic scheduling systems, attempt to schedule work into the shop based on an initial estimate that is probably inaccurate.

For as long as I can remember, people have been trying to create the perfect scheduling system, which has remained as elusive as a herd of purple unicorns. There have been some impressive looking solutions, but unless the shop using it has a precise estimate on all the cars in the system, and can also perfectly predict the work-flow, the scheduling factors will constantly be changing and render the system useless in most cases. So, what can be done?

Don’t over-think this stuff, JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE! Here is a system my Elite shops use that works as well as anything, and it doesn’t cost anything. All you need to understand is two things: 1. How many vehicles can you repair each week on average to meet revenue requirements? 2. What is your optimum WIP?

Determine how many ROs your shop repairs each week on average and then bring that number of new jobs in each week.  Just don’t bring them all in on Monday!

The best shops in the  country bring nearly the same amount of new repair jobs into their shop each day and they also deliver the same amount of repair jobs each day. wip-table-2

The more sophisticated shops will triage, or categorize the size of job to create better workflow out in the shop. Here is an example of a simple scheduling tool created only using an Excel spreadsheet.

The scheduling template on page 1 was created for a shop that produces 25 vehicles on average each week, so there are 25 slots to write in scheduled repairs. Using historical data from computer management systems, we were able to determine an approximate work mix based simply on dollar amount categories. For starters, if you can simply just count the vehicles regardless of job size, you will still be miles ahead of most shops.

As you can also see from this example, this shop feels comfortable bringing in new repair jobs each day of the week. As mentioned earlier, some of the best shops literally bring in the same number of vehicle every day, even on Friday. My advice is to start with a schedule such as the one shown, and as you continue to improve processes and your confidence increases, you can then begin to progress towards the same number of new jobs each day.

Optimum WIP – What is the right number of vehicles or labor hours you should have on the property? That depends on a couple factors, but is still relatively simple to figure out. You multiply your shop’s daily average throughput (how many vehicles you deliver each day on average) multiplied by your average cycle time days. Let’s use the same shop that we used for the scheduling example above which can produce 25 repairs a week, or 5 repairs per work day. This shop has an average cycle time of 10 days. To maintain a cycle time of 10 days and produce 5 cars a day, it will need to always have about 50 vehicles on the property.

5 vehicles X 10 days = 50 units (WIP)         5 vehicles X 8 days = 40 units (WIP

If you wanted to improve your cycle time, you would need to reduce your WIP count or increase productivity. For example, if you wanted to reduce your average cycle time from 10 days to 8, you would need to reduce your average WIP unit count to 40 units. Or you would need to increase your throughput to deliver more vehicles each day.

Bringing it all together

Don’t overthink the scheduling part, it will only stress you out! Just think of it as needing to bring in enough vehicles to maintain your optimum WIP which is simply a result of how closely you can match your output with your input. Keep in mind that whenever your WIP count climbs above your “optimum” WIP number, your cycle time will suffer, and if your WIP count falls too far below optimum, it might further improve your cycle time, but it could also negatively affect your revenue goals if you run out of production ready work. You can also count WIP hours instead of WIP units/ vehicles, but typically counting units will get the job done! Each day, if you keep an eye on sales vs. goal, and WIP count and make the necessary adjustments, you will be amazed how it will improve your collision repair business.




Contact Dave Luehr for help creating the best solutions for your shop! or visit


Please be sure to contact Industrial Finishes and Systems by phone, 1-800-531-1305, or email, about upcoming webinars for collision repair shops, and access to our custom library of resources including monthly TIPs & IMPACT Elite webinars.


A collision repair SPECIAL offer that is just in time for the icy season!

Thursday, December 15th, 2016


























Don’t miss out, this deal is For more information contact Industrial Finishes by phone, 800.531.1305, or email

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Temporary Surface Protection for Floors & Other Surfaces

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016



Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions, now Caraustar, first unveiled their line of recycled products for the construction industry during the 2013 Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, held that year in Philadelphia.  However, since then has had very little recognition or promotion for a truly remarkable product.

The Centurion DetecProtec floor protection system has a special industrial-strength poly backing that shields and protects garage floors and work surfaces from liquids and other contaminants, leaving them stain-free.  This temporary surface protection guards against water, paint, mud, and much more.  It protects all types of surfaces; wood, tile, concrete, colored concrete, marble, terrazzo and stone, saving costly damage repairs.

Additionally, this tri-folded coveringfcp-newark-centurion--detecpro_11251265 (folded dimension is 36 in. x 45. when laid flat) absorbs up to ONE GALLON of oil, water, grease, antifreeze, or any other liquids on the surface of the sheet.  If used under an engine, spilled fluids are easy to spot on the covering’s white surface, helping mechanics or car enthusiasts diagnose what leaking problem they have.  Painters and contractors alike could also have a use for this product, as it can easily be moved around the home while they set their paint or stain cans on it as they work.

So, whether you are a painter who maynewark-centurion--detecprotec1_11251267 be tired of moving drop cloths around a home, a mechanic that needs a lightweight, yet heavy duty detection system, a homeowner who wants to keep their yard equipment from leaking onto the garage floor, or even a car guy like us that may have the small oil leak under our beloved custom, the Centurion DetecProtec is for you.

To purchase the Centurion DetecProtec system, go to our Amazon store, or contact Ross Conforth at,  by phone at 541-255-9908, to get one at a discounted price.