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AAR Seal Application Compliance

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

It has been noticed that many freight loaders are improperly using their 1 ¼” steel strapping tools and seals, which after strapped, do not comply with the Association of American Railroads (AAR) rules. Tools are often not properly matched with the seal and application (i.e. a crimp seal being notched and vice versa), which can cause an unsafe working environment, as well as, worn tools.

The AAR Section 17.5.2 states:

Notch-type joints may be used only for packaging, unitizing, interlacing, layer, or encircling band applications and may not be used to secure loads to the car or on bands encircling the entire load of a floating load design.

Unless otherwise specified, applicable crimp-type joints may be used for all seal-joint banding applications for open top loading.

Examples of joint types include:



* Crimp seals often contain “grit” to help increase efficiency



Seal Spacing

When dealing with seal spacing, notch or crimp pairs may not be any closer than ¾” on the same seal, or closer to ¼” to the end of the seal. Adequate spacing between the pairs and at the end of the seal is essential to a strong joint.seal-spacing

In all cases the number of notch or crimp pairs used on a single seal shall be limited based on the length of the seal. See Table’s 17.2 and 17.4 for notch and crimp limits by seal and length.














1 ¼” x 0.029 HT P/W Strapping

  • AAR Approved
  • Break Strength – 5,450 lbs.
  • Ductility – 5 bends minimum
  • % Elongation – 5-12% of Six Inches
  • Gauge: 0.029 +/- 0.002 in.
  • Width: 1.250 +/- 0.005 in
  • Paint: Electrodeposition (0.1 mil)




When strapping an encircling load, it is recommended to use a pneumatic tool. This offers the most efficient sealing method when used in combination with the recommended operating PSI, as well as applying the seal near the top of the load.

Two additional rules of thumb are to ensure testing of seal joints a required practice and using the right tools for the right application. These same tools should be inspected and tested on a regular basis.

AAR Sections 17.7.2, 17.8.1, and 17.8.11 state:

(17.7.2) It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the tools being used for tensioning and sealing are compatible with the type of banding and seals being applied, and are in good working condition and capable of producing a properly formed joint.

(17.8.1) Testing shall be performed by either the band or tool manufacturer, the AAR, or other certified testing facilities. The latter may use a user’s own test equipment, provided all required test functions can be achieved and evidence of industry-recognized certification of test equipment can be readily produced upon request.

(17.8.11) Users must maintain documentation of all test results for the most recent 24-month period. Current test records of each individually identified tool are to be maintained and made available for inspection upon request.

For additional strapping safety and training, contact Industrial Finishes by phone, 800.531.1305, or email






*Information in this post provided in part by Samuel Strapping Systems.



GYS Neopulse 300-T2

Monday, September 19th, 2016

The NEOPULSE 300-T2 offered by GYS features connectors for PUSH, PULL, and SPOOLGUN torches.  The two integrated wire feeders enable the use of two wire types consecutively.  It also features two 4m3 bottle supports in order to use two different types of gas.  Combining power and ergonomics, the NEOPULSE 300-T2 offers unrivalled welding quality for car body workshops or light industrial works.



Features include:


  • XL Color Screen for a precise welding cycle set up.
  • Intuitive menu navigation with just two control knobs.
  • Updated synergic settings with SD card.


  • 41 synergic curves ensure an extraordinary welding performance (almost TIG welding quality) for a range of materials, wire diameters, and gas.
  • 2 operating levels for the user: EASY (simplified module) and PRO (complete module).

The NEOPULSE automatically determines the optimal welding parameters which can be adjusted (wire speed, voltage, current, self).


  • 4 roller wirer feeders (2x75W) for a constant wire feeding
  • Automatic torch detection.
  • Parameters saving (9), for repetitive tasks.
  • MIG/MAG welding:
    • steel wire Ø 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 mm
    • stainless steel Ø 0.8 / 1.0 mm
    • alu wire Ø 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm
  • Brazing mode:
    • CuSi and CuAl wire Ø 0.8 / 1.0 mm


  • High-tech power supply, works on three phase power supply between 200 and 460V


  • Reinforced ultra-stable frame supporting 2 bottles (2x4m3) with low loading height.
  • IP 23S protection class.


Learn more about GYS and its complete system of collision repair solutions by contacting Industrial Finishes by phone, 800.531.1305, or email



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Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Industrial Finishes & Systems is proud to announce our continued expansion into the Northern California/Bay Area market!

Industrial Finishes & Systems Automotive General Manager, Peter Deluca, commented, “We’ve been successfully servicing customers in Northern California for several years, and we’re excited about this opportunity as it will strengthen our presence in the region. Members of our team have been on the ground in Concord over the past several weeks to prepare our warehouse, put systems in place, and begin serving customers in this market.”

“We’re very proud to support body shops and collision repair centers in Northern California, and we’re excited about this opportunity to grow our business,” added Industrial Finishes & Systems President, Glenn Duckworth. “Our wide selection of products, dedication to service, and commitment to business intelligence benefit all of our customers in the region.”

Industrial Finishes & Systems proudly partners with Axalta, Akzo Nobel, BASF and PPG through its four Northern California locations – Woodland, Napa, Rancho Cordova, and Concord. Industrial Finishes & Systems operates 25 distribution centers nationwide.

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RVIA Members Elect Eight To Board of Directors

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) members elected eight members to its board of directors in the association elections that took place in August, according to a press release.

In the campaign for two manufacturer seats, Bob Martin, Thor Industries Inc. president and CEO, and Newmar Corp. President Matt Miller, were elected.

Other appointments included:

The RVIA board of director elections took place from Aug. 1-31 with official representatives from member companies casting their votes electronically through an on-line ballot. Those elected to the board begin serving their three-year terms on Oct. 1.

The RVIA board of directors has the highest level of authority in the association’s organizational structure and is responsible for association matters on a broad policy basis. Industrial Finishes & Systems is a proud supporter of RVIA and the recreation vehicle industry. We congratulate Craig for his election to the board!

Temporary Surface Protection for Floors & Other Surfaces

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016



Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions, now Caraustar, first unveiled their line of recycled products for the construction industry during the 2013 Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, held that year in Philadelphia.  However, since then has had very little recognition or promotion for a truly remarkable product.

The Centurion DetecProtec floor protection system has a special industrial-strength poly backing that shields and protects garage floors and work surfaces from liquids and other contaminants, leaving them stain-free.  This temporary surface protection guards against water, paint, mud, and much more.  It protects all types of surfaces; wood, tile, concrete, colored concrete, marble, terrazzo and stone, saving costly damage repairs.

Additionally, this tri-folded coveringfcp-newark-centurion--detecpro_11251265 (folded dimension is 36 in. x 45. when laid flat) absorbs up to ONE GALLON of oil, water, grease, antifreeze, or any other liquids on the surface of the sheet.  If used under an engine, spilled fluids are easy to spot on the covering’s white surface, helping mechanics or car enthusiasts diagnose what leaking problem they have.  Painters and contractors alike could also have a use for this product, as it can easily be moved around the home while they set their paint or stain cans on it as they work.

So, whether you are a painter who maynewark-centurion--detecprotec1_11251267 be tired of moving drop cloths around a home, a mechanic that needs a lightweight, yet heavy duty detection system, a homeowner who wants to keep their yard equipment from leaking onto the garage floor, or even a car guy like us that may have the small oil leak under our beloved custom, the Centurion DetecProtec is for you.

To purchase the Centurion DetecProtec system, go to our Amazon store, or contact Ross Conforth at,  by phone at 541-255-9908, to get one at a discounted price.



New Products from Equalizer®

Thursday, September 1st, 2016



A Swiss Army Knife for mirror repair? That’s what you Equalizer All-In-One-Mirror Toolget with Equalizer’s new All-In-One Mirror Tool.  The MT228 has 6 devices that work on a wide range of foreign and domestic vehicles, featuring a #2 Phillips, T15, & T20 drivers as well as hook and pick devices that are perfect for loosening, prying, aligning & unfastening tabs & snaps.

Additionally, the All-In-One Mirror Tool includes a spring-latch mirror device for removing mirrors on Ford vehicles built after 2004. By simply placing the spring-latch mirror device against the glass at the base of the mirror and tapping the tool with a rubber mallet you can compress the spring-latch and effortlessly slide the mirror off the button.

Best of all, it fits right inside your pocket!  Click HERE to watch a demonstration of the All-In-One Mirror Tool.


Micro Clip Tool

The new Micro Clip Tool is designed to allow Equalizer Micro Clip Toolaccess in tighter spaces to release vehicle moldings from the new smaller clips. The Micro Clip Tool gives the technician the ability to gently push or pull on the small release points of the clip, easily saving the clip and moulding for reuse.  Click HERE to see the Micro Clip Tool in action!

Works on the following vehicles:

Honda Odyssey 2011-Up
Toyota Lexus (2012-Up) CT200 A-Pillar Mouldings Toyota Highlander (2011-Up)
BMW Side Moulding Clip (2000-Up) 3-5-7 Series

NAGS Numbers:

BMW-FW 2092, FW 2101
Honda-FW 3282, FW 3283, FW 3284 & FW 3270
Lexus- FW 3399, FW 3400, FW 3401, FW 3402, FW 3522, FW 3529 & FW3536
Toyota Highlander- FW 2869 & FW 2870

Equalizer® Raptor™

The Equalizer® Raptor™ is a cord/wire auto glass removal device designed from the ground-up to dramatically improve powerEqualizer Raptor of the vacuum cup by the integration of our AirForce™ Constant Vacuum Technology. AirForce™ has been specifically developed by Equalizer® to keep constant vacuum on the glass so that the Raptor™ stays where you place it and it resists sliding better than any product of its kind.  The Raptor™ is a powerful, small, light and easy to maneuver on all types of auto glass. Watch it in action Wednesday, September 7th at

Using the Raptor™ saves you time! No more pumping by hand, simply switch the power on and start cutting! Introductory Pricing now through December 31st!

For more information on these Equalizer products, or any other Equalizer product, contact Industrial Finishes by phone, 800.531.1305, or email

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