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Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

We are happy to announce that we have opened a new automotive location in Concord, California! This location will exclusively distribute BASF coatings and an entire assortment of automotive sundry products.

We are excited about this opportunity as it will strengthen our presence in the Northern California market. Members of our team have been on the ground in Concord over the past several weeks to prepare our warehouse, put systems in place, and begin serving customers in the region.

Our Concord location:

5159 Commercial Circle
Unit G
Concord, CA 94520




Today, we proudly partner with Axalta, Akzo Nobel, BASF and PPG through our 4 Northern California locations.

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More Efficient Steel & Aluminum Repair

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

GYS continues their release of new their product line of aftermarket auto repair equipment by introducing the Neopulse Inverter MIG, the SMART Resistance Spot Welder, the M3 GYS AutoMIG, the GYSLINER COMBI 230 E. PRO and the GYSPRESS 8T.




Neopulse Inverter MIG Neopulse 300 T2

The Neopulse 300 T2 with the double pulse will help you achieve top welding results with all metals. The XL color screen, intuitive menu, and more than 40 synergic curves, guarantee quick easy set-up and operation. The Neopulse is fully updatable as welding wires are released from the car manufacturers. This ensures you have a welding solution for years to come.



GYS Spot WelderSMART Resistance Spot Welder

The SMART Resistance Spot Welder is fully automatic. Just calibrate 1 of the 11 arms available and start welding. No need for parameters in the AUTO mode. Whether it is Mild, HSS, UHSS, or Boron steel, our welders produce the correct weld every time. Don’t guess on the various metals, let the welder do its job.





A 3 gun MIG welder with synergic functions is ready to weld with preset programs for steel, aluminum, silicone bronze, and stainless applications.


GYSLINER Combi 230



Reduce your shop’s cycle time and increase your profit with the GYS dent pulling solutions for steel and aluminum. Easy to learn repair procedures produce high quality results in your location.





Universal air over hydraulic rivet gun system for aluminum and steel, delivers 8 metric tons of pressure. Specially designed to remove and install Self Piercing (SPR) and FlowForm rivets. Rivet dies are available for most car manufacturers. See more of this product here.


Learn more about GYS and its complete system of collision repair solutions by contacting Industrial Finishes by phone, 800.531.1305, or email


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Blue Abrasives: The Upgrade You’ve Been Waiting For

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016



3M Blue Abrasives are your go-to workhorse for the entire shop.

3M’s engineered ceramic mineral blend delivers best-in-class cut and life. An anti-loading design and the available universal multi-hole pattern extend the life of the abrasive for 3M Blue Abrasivesconsistent performance. A full line of discs and sheets is available in an array of sizes and grades for use throughout the repair process. Available in 3M™ Hookit™ and Stikit™ attachment systems — from body repair to paint prep, BLUE is all you need.


Blue goes head to head with any abrasive in its class.

Designed for performance:

  • Engineered ceramic mineral blend provides best-in-class performance using exactly the right balance of ceramic grain and premium aluminum oxide
  • Anti-loading coating improves disc life
  • Upgraded resins improve durability and finish

3M Blue Abrasive Multi-hole Discs are specially designed to improve anti-loading and boost dust extraction for improved productivity and a cleaner work environment. The multi-hole

pattern captures dust, keeping the abrasive open for a faster cut and consistent performance throughout the life of the disc.

6" 3M™ Stikit™ Blue Abrasive Disc

6″ 3M™ Stikit™ Blue Abrasive Disc

5" 3M™ Hookit™ Blue Abrasive Disc

5″ 3M™ Hookit™ Blue Abrasive Disc

3M™ Hookit™ universal multi-hole pattern with alignment guide:

  • Reduces loading for improved performance
  • Improves dust extraction efficiency compared to
  • 6 and 7 hole patterns
  • Aligns with majority of dust extraction back-up pads

Upgrade your old abrasive today.

With optimized abrasive technology, best-in-class cut performance and durability, and a complete abrasive line offering, Blue Abrasives are the upgrade you’ve been waiting for. 3M gives you exactly what you need to simplify the repair process, achieve consistent results and improve your bottom line, every day.

Learn more about 3M’s complete system of collision repair solutions — abrasives, fillers, adhesives, coatings, paint and masking solutions by contacting Industrial Finishes by phone, 800.531.1305, or email

Drying Waterborne Waste Paint

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Waterborne Paint Waste Disposal: Accruing waste paint in the inappropriate environment is a violation of code according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standards.  Improperly stored waste paint will result in fines that could amount to thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to the Federal Register, the U.S. Federal Government’s regulation of federal agencies, 40 CFR 265.173(a) and (b).

Therefore it is important to ensure that any shop using paint is properly disposing of the waste.  There are several ways to eliminate hazardous waste for spray gun cleaning operations including:

  • Hazardous Waste Removal Services – will come to your facility and retrieve your hazardous waste and deal with the waste in their own methods.
  • Recycling – is a form of extracting paint waste and reusing the recovered liquid.  There are multiple methods of recycling including distillation with vacuum assist, filtration, and flocculation with filtration.
  • Distillation with Vacuum Assist – is a process where solvent distillation unit (recycler) can be used to extract the remaining water from waterborne waste paint.  This process is successful in removing 100% of the paint from the liquid.  Though, this solution for waterborne waste paint is not an economical solution.  Time and money are large issues that arise when using a recycler for waterborne waste paint. The time it takes to extract the water from waste paint is a long process in comparison to other options available, taking as long as a day to complete the distillation process.  The other issue is money, recyclers cost anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000.  Another recommendation to successfully distill waterborne waste paint is a vacuum assist, which allows for effective and timely processing of the solvent distillation unit.  The money that a recycling unit saves in waste costs does not compensate for the money that was spent on the unit in waterborne recycling; therefore the return on investment is almost non-existent.  Additionally, there are much more cost effective methods for recycling waterborne waste paint.
  • Filtration – is another method of recycling waterborne waste paint.  Filtration consists of micron filter tubes that filter out the pain in either solvent or waterborne gun cleaners.  Filtration is effective for use in shops that have primarily converted to waterborne pain and distilling solvents is no longer cost effective.  Filtration is a successful method of reusing liquids, although it might leave a slight coloration in the liquid being filtered. This occurs because the filters only filter out to 25 micron, therefore it is leaving a small percentage of paint, filtering out approximately 90-95% of the used paint. Adding filtration to a gun cleaner can cost anywhere from $700 to $1,500 and filter replacement can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 dollars depending on what filter system you are using. The amount of use and care depends on how much a shop will need to replace filters. Filters in units that have been taken care of properly can last anywhere from 1 to 3 months.
  • Flocculation with Filtration – is a process where an absorbent is poured into
    the waterborne waste created by gun cleaners and the absorbent causes the paint material to clump together. After being stirred and setting the water is poured through micron filter bags and the paint material is separated from the water. The water is then good to use again and the remaining waste paint is ready for disposal processes. Flocculation materials can cost anywhere from $60 to $230, per container, and it’s recommended that the flocculation process occur at least once a week
  • Dried to Waste – are compounds that can be added to hazardous waste paint that solidifies material and is then acceptable for disposal.
  • Absorbents – are compounds that are added to waste paint resulting in a dried and hardened waste. They are able to make hazardous materials dry and nonflammable allowing for it to be disposed as regular waste. Absorbents are cost effective for paint shops and supply a quick and easy process for disposal of hazardous waste (waste paint). Absorbents can be purchased anywhere from $50 to $300 depending on size of container. The lifespan of the absorbents depends on the amount of waste paint being generated.


Once recycling processes have occurred or absorbents have been added to waste paint solutions and the hardening process is complete a hazardous waste test should be conducted to ensure it passes requirements for the TCLP (test for heavy metals), dryness, and flammability.

Recycling methods including filtration, flocculation with filtration, and absorbents are all excellent solutions for filtering and reusing or disposal of waterborne waste paint. Each method provides cost effective answers to expensive processes that occur in the everyday functions of any shop using waterborne paints. The compliance of these products with OSHA, EPA, and Federal regulations providing environmental solutions and give shops solutions to legal issues concerning paint waste. With the use of recycling methods or absorbents mentioned any shop can avoid the expensive cost of hazardous waste removal services and distillation units for waterborne paint waste.





FLOCCER™ by BECCA is a waste water treatment flocculation powder that will clean your water waste. The process separates your waste Solids from the liquid. This process is known as flocculation.  FLOCCER™ is a step up from our passed Clarification Packets.  FLOCCER™ is formulated so it will not go airborne like the black powder – – It is easier to handle safely – – and it costs way less than our current Clarification Packets to produce.


  • Reduce Disposal Cost – Dispose of per Federal, State & Local Requirements
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Sample Available
  • Several different ways to purchase
  • Available in: 84 Oz Container, 25 Dissolving Packets, 100 Dissolving PacketsH2O-Dry-84-oz-169x300




BECCA H2O™  is the process which Dries and Hardens Waste Waterborne Paint, Allowing it to be Disposed-of in the Regular Solid Waste Stream, Rather Than Requiring Disposal as Liquid Hazardous Waste.  You should test the waste and have documentation on file in case a jurisdiction inquirers. All waste should be disposed per federal, state and local requirements.


  • Reduce Disposal Cost – Dispose of per Federal, State & Local Requirements
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Sample Available
  • Several different ways to purchase
  • Available in: Full Kit – Includes (1) Container, (3) Liners, (6) Bottles of H2O Dry, (3) Stirring Sticks CD-50, Replenish Kit – Includes (3) Liners, (6) Bottles of H2O Dry, (3) Stirring Sticks, Replacement Powder Kit – Includes (6) Bottles of H2O Dry,  84 oz. Container – Includes 84 oz of Neutralizer & Scoop,  25 Lbs Bulk Container – Includes 25 Lbs. of H2O Dry & Scoop


For more about FLOCCER™, BECCA H2O™,  and other BECCA products, contact Industrial Finishes by phone, 800.531.1305, or email



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GYSPRESS 8T Self-Piercing Rivet Gun

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

The new GYSPRESS 8T Self-Piercing Rivet Gun made by GYS, is specially designed to perform common riveting tasks in modern bodyshops, including self-piercing rivets and standard flow form rivets. The universal car body self-piercing riveting system operates on a pneumatic closed hydraulic system, allowing users to manually adjust the actuator speed as well as the rivet pressure (pressure control 0 > 8) according to the metal used, in order to avoid panel distortion.

GYS crafted the GYSPRESS 8T Self-Piercing Gun to be ergonomic and efficient with its easy to use handle and trigger. With a maximum pressure of 8 tonnes in an integrated pressure gauge, the riveting machine allows for a fast and easy arm change that swivels 360 degrees around the riveting machine axle. Have a difficult area to reach? It won’t be a problem because there is a selection of arms available for such difficult access situations.

Rivet Gun in Action

Additionally, the GYSPRESS 8T utilizes a magnetic die, making rivet positioning extremely easy without the hassle of screwing in the proper die. Rivet dies are available for BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, the VW Group, Mercedes Benz, and Ford (aluminum).


For more information on the GYSPRESS 8T Self-Piercing Rivet Gun, contact Ben Else @ 541-915-5442, or by email at