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Friday, August 28th, 2015

IT’S AN AGE OLD DEBATE: Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? There are strong points to be made for both sides of this argument, but at Industrial Finishes, there is one case that’s easy to close.

Here’s the story…

We typically support several street cruises and car shows throughout the year. Often, these events include a show program or magazine, and our sponsorship includes advertising. We truly appreciate being part of the community of auto enthusiasts. To express this gratitude, we developed an advertising campaign that we referred to as the “Car Guys” campaign.

Car Guys Poster Industrial Finishes

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The advertising that was part of the campaign proved very popular. In fact, it was so popular that we decided to produce posters that mirrored the advertising.

The ads and poster included an image of a hot rod – a ’32 Ford 3-window coupe to be precise. Chopped and channeled, the car featured a blower, over-sized, old-school headlights and a forward-mounted fuel tank. It had the look of a true quarter-miler and was finished in “Industrial Finishes Green.”

But it wasn’t a real car.

That’s right, we built the car in Adobe Photoshop. In other words, it was a digital file created by our advertising agency for the sole purpose of the marketing campaign. It was very effective; the car quickly became a topic of conversation around the office and at our store locations.

Industrial Finishes founder, Stuart Barr, also liked the car. In a meeting, he posed the question, “Whose car is on the poster?” Our marketing department sheepishly explained that it wasn’t a real car and was simply an image created by a skilled graphic designer and a computer program.

Car-Guys-IFThat didn’t sit well with Stuart. “I think that’s false advertising,” he joked. “We’re an ethical company, and if someone wants to see the car, I think we have an obligation to show it to them,” Stuart mused.

That’s all it took to get the ball (or wheels) rolling.

Almost immediately, friends of Industrial Finishes started looking for a car to serve as the foundation of the project. Within two weeks, they located a ’32 Ford show car that was nearly complete and for sale. It had the basics needed to build a car reflecting the “poster car” and a small team of seasoned professionals went to work. In no time at all, the car (which was purple when it arrived) had been torn down and completely rebuilt to resemble the poster car.

Boy, does it resemble the poster car!

desktopThe team spared no detail to match the poster car. The real hot rod was finished in BASF “Green with Envy – Pearl” base coat and Diamont DC5300 clear coat. The big block 454 was fitted with a blower. An external fuel tank was mounted in front of the grill. Stuart had a set of original, over-sized ’32 Ford headlights in his shop gathering dust. The build came together so effortlessly that it seemed destined to happen.

The car made its official debut at Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada, and will be on the show and cruise circuit throughout the year. And while we can’t give you an actual car, we are very happy to send you a poster!

IMG_3670In this case, for sure, life imitated art. Rather than put a car on a poster, we put the poster on the road!

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Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

INDUSTRIAL FINISHES & SYSTEMS, INC. IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE the addition of Carlos Lua to our Woodland, California sales team. Carlos joins a veteran team in California with years of experience serving the automotive/collision repair industry.

A 1990 graduate of Esparto High School in Northern California, Carlos comes to Industrial Finishes & Systems with background in the industrial coatings field, starting his career at Sherwin-Williams. Most recently, Carlos worked as a Sherwin-Williams sales representative.

Carlos joins Industrial Finishes as a sales/technical consultant and plans to focus on sales growth and troubleshooting technical issues that may occur with customers.

“Carlos has a tremendous work ethic and is well respected by his colleagues and competition alike,” Kevin Fitzgerald, Regional Sales Manager in Woodland, California said. “I am proud once again to have Carlos as part of my team and welcome him as a new member of the Industrial Finishes family.”

When Carlos is away from his Industrial Finishes family, he spends time with his real family, camping, hunting and cheering on his favorite NFL team, the San Francisco 49ers!

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

COOL THINGS ARE BEGINNING TO LIGHT UP THE FUTURE for one artist in Northeast Portland. Jeff Meyers, a self-employed artist and graphic designer, has been putting his artistic touch on ornate neon signs for three years, growing the brand name of Modern Artifacts.

Beginning in 2012 as Route 66 Relics, Meyers attended car shows displaying and selling his original pieces. A year and a half later Meyers changed the name to Modern Artifacts to truly embody and describe his work as original with a fresh antique twist. The name change provided Meyers with a larger audience, expanding the arena from strictly automotive to include motorcycle, Tiki-Style collectors, business owners, museums and hotels.

Each of Meyers’ pieces are unique and designed by Meyers specifically for the customer. “They are authentic to the period and lightweight, making anything possible,” Meyers said. With the incorporation of electronics and controllers to dim and flicker the neon lights as well as moving motorized elements and sound effects, Meyers can make any sign appeal to the customer base.

“Hearing the customer’s vision and creating a personal piece that they will love for a lifetime is the most rewarding part of the production process,” Meyers said. After spending anywhere from eight hours to several months on a commission, Meyers presents each piece to the customer with certainty of customer satisfaction.

Though Modern Artifacts is growing and has moved from a basement to a workspace/showroom, Meyers will not be hiring more hands to produce designs. Keeping the business personal provides for a more intimate and original process for each piece. “I want every piece to have my artistic stamp on it,” Meyers said.

Some of Meyers’ commissions include Ignito, a seven-foot interactive robot for the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, Oregon and a 14ft rolling wall rocket car called “Spirit of America as well as a personalized vintage Industrial Finishes sign that is proudly displayed in the Eugene storefront.

To view Modern Artifacts and Jeff Meyers’ unique pieces as well as apparel and accessories, visit or email


This past March, members of Industrial Finishes were walking through the Portland Roadster Show and met Jeff. His display of “modern artifacts” was truly impressive and showcased his tremendous work. From there, an idea was born.

“It was obvious to all of the Industrial Finishes team members attending the show that we wanted Jeff to help us capture a bit of our past,” said Industrial Finishes Director of Marketing, Mike Duncan. “It just seemed like such a natural fit.”

Industrial Finishes approached Jeff about creating a neon sign featuring the company’s original logo from 1958. “It took some digging to find something that accurately reflected that logo, but we finally found an old envelope that included the logo we needed. From there, Jeff took over,” Duncan added.

The result is an amazing reproduction of a vintage sign featuring the near-60 year old logo. The sign was presented to company founder, Stuart Barr, as well as the rest of the Barr family. The sign will reside at Industrial Finishes’ Eugene, Oregon store.

IF Sign Photo Sample

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Thursday, August 13th, 2015

NACE IS THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CORROSION ENGINEERS THAT SERVES MEMBERS ALL OVER THE WORLD BY PROTECTING FROM AND PREVENTING CORROSION. The goal of NACE is to save the world’s infrastructure, protect people, assets and the environment from corrosion.

International members include engineers, inspectors, technicians, scientists, business owners, CEOs, researchers, educators and students and encompasses more than sixteen major industry types.


Industrial Finishes’ Jordan Lewis is NACE certified and works to ensure effective methods of corrosion prevention, enabling products to last longer and increased customer reliance. Of the two certifications, Application Technician and the Coatings Inspector Program (CIP), Lewis has a CIP certification. The Coatings Inspector Program certifies individuals based on the knowledge of coatings and processes.

“The need for the certification in Industrial Finishes is somewhat limited,” Lewis said. “This segment of the coatings industry is one of the largest and fastest growing, however we are beginning to deal with large coatings customers.”

The tri-level certification process is strenuous according to Lewis. Level one is 40 hours of lecture and hands on exercises taught by industry professionals. At the end of the five day class a 75% or higher must be scored on a 125 question exam. Proficiency is built and tested on five different pieces of testing equipment and covers basic coating types and theories along with application techniques. The secondary level focuses on more advanced theories and coating chemistry. The third and final level is the peer review section in which the student is placed in a room with four industry professionals fielding questions to test knowledge of process and coatings. Questions are drawn from class sessions and over 700 pages of information.

After the completion of the three level process the student is certified and has the ability to sign off on failure analysis reports and testify in court as an industry professional.

Serving 35,000+ members across the globe, NACE International is recognized as the worldwide authority for corrosion control solutions. Offering technical training, certification, industry standards, technical journals, government relations activities and much more, NACE strives to serve people and companies alike. The importance of a NACE certification is unparalleled.

With a NACE certification, expertise is broadened, professional commitment is demonstrated and credibility is earned. Take the next step to certification today!

To learn more about gaining a NACE certification or for a certified technician’s assistance contact Industrial Finishes via phone – 800.531.1305 or email at

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Thursday, August 13th, 2015

IN 2000, THE U.S. GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL (USGBC) FORMED LEADERSHIP ENERGY ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN (LEED). LEED is a process of certification that declares buildings and construction projects built with sustainable and environmentally friendly products “green”. LEED recognizes buildings that are “designed, built, and/or maintained with sustainability in mind” (

LEED Specifications

 The guidelines for a LEED certified project are strategic and promote sustainable architecture. The five different LEED ratings with specifications are listed below.

  • BD+C: Building Design and Construction – newly constructed or major renovations
  • ID+C: Interior Design and Construction – complete interior fit-out
  • Homes: buildings less than four stories – single family homes, low-rise multi-family or mid-rise multi-family
  • ND: Neighborhood Development – new land development
  • O+M: Operations and Maintenance – undergoing improvements or little to no construction

LEED Accreditation and Levels

 Taking two exams and gathering points for each sustainable resource used earn LEED certifications. The accreditation and level system are as follows:

  • Certified: 40-49 points
  • Silver: 50-59 points
  • Gold: 60-79 points
  • Platinum: 80+ points

–     GA: Green Associate exam – introductory accreditation

–     AP: Accredited Professional exam – expert in one or more LEED rating                                                  systems


As part of a larger community, Industrial Finishes holds sustainability and environmentally friendly products as a vital part of business. The past year has brought a handful of sustainable products to the Industrial Finishes catalogue. Products such as Blue Bear Adhesive Removers and NorthStar Chemicals are safe in all work areas and will earn points for your LEED certification.

How can Industrial Finishes help make your certification possible? Let us help your possibility become a reality. Call 800.531.1305 or email

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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

DO YOU NEED A GRAY SPEED PRIMER SPECIFICALLY FOR SPOT AND PANEL REPAIRS? PPG has the solution! DELTRON DPS3105 V-PRIME Quick Prime Urethane Surfacer is now available. This new surface primer is fast drying with an excellent resistance to film shrinkage and offers an exceptional film build.

Jennifer Boros, PPG marketing director, believes DPS3105 is a “valuable addition to the Deltron brand.” Providing PPG customers with fast air-dry performance, DPS3105 has excellent efficiency for cycle-time and high-quality results. The product’s capabilities are sure to carry out premium-level refinish work to benefit production-focused collision centers.

DPS3105 has a dry-to-sand time taking as little as 30 minutes and has a high film build of 2.0-2.5 dry mils per coat. It is easy to apply and sand and is rollable, can be wet-sanded and allows direct application of a basecoat. It can be used with DELTRON DCX3030 Hardener and DCX3035 High Temperature Hardener.

For more information or to make DELTRON DPS3105 your quick prime surface, contact Industrial Finishes by phone, 800.531.1305, or email

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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015


Too much operating pressure on your sanding belt decreases belt life but also can increase your operational cost as well. Industrial finishes can provide machine adjustment and analysis to help prevent the loss of belt life and improve performance. How? We measure the amount of tension being delivered to the sander belt, then making the necessary adjustments if needed.

A STRAIN GAUGE monitors the pressure given to the sander belt by the tension cylinders on the sander. The reading given by the Strain Gauge gives you the amount of pressure being delivered to the sander belt. We then calculate how much pressure is being given per inch width of the sander belt. Correct operating pressure varies depending upon type of sander belt, the grit of the belt and the manufacturer of the sander. Depending upon the reading, the air pressure to the tension cylinder may need to be increased or decreased, in order to achieve optimum performance of the belt and the machine.   Too much tension can cause sander belt breakage, and excessive machine wear ultimately creating more down time for belt changing and repair. If a belt doesn’t have enough tension the belt may slip while running, causing joint failure, poor belt life, or belt tracking issues. A proper-performing sanding belt is important. Is your sander and sander belt performance working correctly?

As a customer of Industrial Finishes you can receive service and machine adjustments on a regular basis. We strive to save our valued customers money and time. Let us help you save and become the most efficient you can!

For more information about the Industrial/Panel Division or services offered email or call 800-531-1305.


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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

EVEN THOUGH MOST COLLISION REPAIR SHOPS understand the importance of creating a positive customer experience, many continue to unknowingly place themselves and their customers in the uncomfortable situations that poor communication commonly creates. I don’t know how many times I have witnessed this scenario: a customer shows up on Friday afternoon to pick up their repaired vehicle and upon being presented with the bill, exclaims, “I didn’t know I had a $500 deductible!” Invariably, these awkward situations always seem to occur with an office full of other customers!

It’s far too easy and irresponsible in my eyes to blame the customers for these situations. I feel that since we deal with this stuff every day we have the right and responsibility to help our customers through the process. Many of the best in class collision repair shops have standardized processes in place to eliminate these unnecessary problems and make the experience for the shop, the customer, and the waiting room full of customers a pleasant and positively memorable one.

The appointment reminder call serves several purposes besides just to remind the customer of their upcoming repair appointment. This is a wonderful opportunity to get great communication underway early, and begin to cut-off some of the potential problems that commonly occur. Discuss the following with the customer:

  • Verify drop-off date and time
  • Early bird drop-off procedures (if applicable)
  • Rental car or transportation needs (if applicable)
  • Remove all personal belongings from their vehicle (Trunk, interior, and box/cargo area)
  • Insurance check has been received (if applicable)
  • That we will need the key fob for their vehicle
  • Provide us keys for wheel locks, ski or bike racks, toppers, or tool boxes
  • Remove sunglasses, garage door openers, parking permits

The Vehicle Check-in

Shops are often paying the price for not going over the vehicle during drop-off. I recommend using a standardized form with reminder check boxes. The vehicle check-in process promotes both quality and great customer service. Here are a few suggested topics to cover as you walk around the vehicle with the customer:

  • What is to be repaired?
  • What is prior damage? (Do they want it fixed too?)
  • Malfunction indicator lights on dash (Was this check engine light on prior to the accident?)
  • Are there any freebies or special requests? (Touch-ups, wants an estimate for missing light )
  • Do we have the keys, wheel locks, ?
  • Does the customer have their garage door opener, parking permits, baby seats ?
  • Do we have a signed authorization?
  • Is the customer fully informed regarding how much money they are expected to pay, and what forms of payment are acceptable when they come to pick up the vehicle?
  • What is the best way to reach the customer during the repair process? (Cell phone, text, )
  • What they can expect in terms of communication frequency from the

In Process

I recommend communicating with customers at least every two days, unless they have requested otherwise. Customers should also be informed at the following specific points:

  • Blueprint – After the vehicle has been blueprinted to establish the updated price, and delivery promise date
  • Supplements – Any other supplements along the (This shouldn’t happen if it was blueprinted correctly)
  • Paint – When the car goes to (Let them know if completion date is still on target)
  • Morning of expected delivery (This will highly increase your chances they will pick it up that day!)


Call the customer when repairs are complete and a final quality control inspection has occurred. During this call you will want to go over:

  • When they should arrive to pick the vehicle up
  • Rental cars and transportation
  • Confirm what they will owe you and what forms of payment are acceptable

If you are thinking that this looks like an excess of communication, you may be right to a certain extent. I have never seen a shop get a bad CSI Score for communicating too well, but I have seen far too many of the reverse. I would challenge you to consider the amount of time shops spend handling people calling to check on their repair status, dealing with missed damage, explaining embarrassing unfulfilled promises with touch-ups, and much, much more. Take back control of your time, invest it wisely in being a proactive communicator, and everyone wins!

This IMPACT Collision Solutions TIP was written by industry expert DAVID LUEHR

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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

ARE YOU LOOKING TO EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE AUTOMOTIVE AND PAINT INDUSTRY? Look no further – Industrial Finishes offers a variety of educational classes at our Education Centers across the country. With classes in paint, profit enhancement, estimating, negotiating and other topics, you can be sure to find a class to further your expertise. We offer important certifications and have partnered with associations such as I-CAR to deliver first-rate material.

For example:

BASF Classes:

Classes instructed by BASF Regional Training Instructors offer specific certification and re-certification opportunities with an 8:1 painter to instructor ratio, providing close interaction and instruction with kinesthetic and oral based classes. Classes offered include:

  • Glasurit Certification: Solvent and waterborne based certifications. Offered 1-2 times a year as needed
  • Diamont Certification: Offered 1-2 times a year as needed
  • Recertification Glasurit/Diamont: One-day classes offered 1-2 times a year as needed
  • Painting Plastics: Upon request
  • Color Matching: Upon request
  • Estimating for Profit: Inquire about scheduling

Axalta Classes:

Instructed by damage analysis expert, Mike Anderson, these classes are for collision shop owners and managers, estimators, techs, customer service reps and front office staff. Other classes like color matching, shading techniques, measuring business, P&L and others are instructed by Industrial Finishes sales staff, paint tech and painters. No certification is currently offered for Axalta classes. Classes include:

  • Damage Analysis: Upon request
  • Estimating & Negotiating: Upon request
  • Measuring Your Business: Inquire about scheduling
  • P&L: Inquire about scheduling
  • Gross Profit & Margin: Inquire about scheduling
  • Industry KPIs: Inquire about scheduling
  • Color Matching/Shading Techniques: Upon request

Other Classes:

Various classes offered by companies such as SATA, U-Pol, US Chemical, SmartTrack and Quick Cut Sanders are available to painters, sales staff, owners, managers and estimators. Few classes offer certification but many incorporate demonstrations. Classes include:

  • SATA: spray equipment and filtration demos
  • U-Pol: overview and tips on products
  • US Chemical: Product training and demos
  • SmartTrack: job costing and tracking
  • Structural Safety Awareness: LDC Equipment; vehicle structure, high strength steel and repair procedures

Whether you are considering acquiring various certifications or expanding general knowledge about the industry, our customer service team can answer your questions! Give us a call at 800.531.1305 or email

Story contributed by Emily Brown 

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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

NORTHSTAR CHEMICAL, INC. IS AN ADHESIVE COMPANY BASED IN CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA THAT MANUFACTURERS SUPERIOR QUALITY ADHESIVES FOR WOODWORKING, RV, MARINE AND MANUFACTURED HOUSING. NorthStar Chemical, INC. is an adhesive company based in Cartersville, Georgia that manufactures superior quality adhesives for woodworking, RV, marine and manufactured houses. NorthStar ensures all products meet regulations as well as striving to excel in the environmentally safe market such as LEED certifiable products.


LEED is a process of certification that declares buildings and construction projects built with sustainable and environmentally friendly products “green”. Industrial Finishes has begun to emphasize the importance of sustainable products as part of a well-cared for environment. NorthStar Chemical’s products are only one example of Industrial Finishes’ sustainable product line. Below are listed LEED-compliant NorthStar chemicals for use on furniture, cabinets and manufactured housing:

Premier Adhesives and Cleaners:

  • PB910 CA Compliant, high strength, postformable contact adhesive
  • PB1050 high tack, water based, pressure sensitive adhesive
  • PB2008 High Temperature, water based contact adhesive. No ODS.
  • PB1000 high tack, water based, pressure sensitive adhesive for carpeting.
  • PB909 CA Compliant, low VOC, high strength, contact adhesive.
  • PB150 fast tack, no ODS, water resistant, for manufactured housing market
  • PB972/PB974 water based general purpose wood glues
  • PBSafe Cleaner Soybean oil base, biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • PB905 Cleaner Citrus solvent based, biodegradable cleaner/remover

StarStuk Adhesives and Cleaners:

  • HL+ CA Compliant, high strength, postformable contact adhesive
  • WC1050 high tack, water based, pressure sensitive adhesive
  • W2008 High Temperature, water based contact adhesive. No ODS.
  • WC1000 high tack, water based, pressure sensitive adhesive for the carpeting
  • HL CA Compliant, low VOC, high strength, contact adhesive
  • TI-50 fast tack, no ODS, water resistant, for manufactured housing market
  • NS72/NS74 water-based general purpose wood glues
  • BSafe Cleaner Soybean oil base, biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • ACR Cleaner Citrus solvent based, biodegradable cleaner/remover

NorthStar Chemical has been providing customers with sustainable and effective products for several years and Industrial Finishes is your local supplier. To learn more about LEED compliant products contact Industrial Finishes at or call 800.531.1305. Our expert sales team is ready to assist you!

Story contributed by Emily Brown