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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Premier Adhesives

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Industrial Finishes is proud to provide the Premier Adhesive line of products for RV, Manufactured Homes, Furniture and Woodworking industries.  These products are specifically developed to provide superior tack and bonds for adhering a variety of substrates including veneers, fabric, upholstery, foam, plastics, steel, glass, mirrors, fiberglass, cork tile and wood.

Easy to use
Premier products are specially formulated using the highest solids in the industry, providing consistent performance with a wider range of application conditions. The aerosol package offers a specially designed web spray pattern for even, controlled distribution.

Save money
Premier Adhesive products can be purchased in bulk for spray or roll on application. Aerosols can be purchased from 15oz cans to 400lb canisters. The aerosol system reduces application cost by saving time and material.

Variety of products
Premier Adhesives includes high temperature resistant laminating adhesives, general use adhesives for low temperature or temporary bonds, specialty adhesives for Styrofoam applications as well as white and yellow wood glues.

Surpasses regulatory compliance
Requirements for today’s operating and regulatory environment are stringent. Premier products are designed to meet the highest requirements for state, federal EPA, OHSA and local fire regulations.

An industry leader in adhesives
Premier Adhesives pioneered several industry firsts including the first laminating adhesive that met California state requirements in addition to that state’s first postforming adhesive. Premier was the first to offer a true non flammable aerosol laminating adhesive.

Industrial Finishes representatives are happy to assist you in finding the right product for your needs. Contact us today for products and solutions to improve your product quality, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency. We’re happy to help!


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Industrial Finishes Welcomes Pat Mormile

Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Industrial Finishes & Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of Pat Mormile. Mormile brings an extensive 38-year background in chemistry to the Industrial Finishes & Systems team, most notably in polymers, coatings and new chemical technology.


Mormile has a long relationship with Industrial Finishes & Systems dating back to the early 1990s. At the time, Mormile worked for BASF’s Automotive Refinish Research and Development group supporting the collision repair industry.

According to Mormile, “When I first met Stuart Barr, my initial thought was ‘This guy loves innovation.’ Even back then, you could tell that Industrial Finishes was very forward-thinking organization. They were breaking new ground, pioneering paint techniques for the recreation vehicle industry.”

Following his time with BASF, Mormile accepted a position as R&D Director with Nippon Paint’s New Technology group in Thailand. Part of a Singapore-based conglomerate, Nippon is Asia’s largest paint manufacturer. His responsibilities at Nippon encompassed innovative coatings product research and development; including new products for Automotive OEM, Automotive Refinish, and General Industrial applications. His role covered a broad range of technologies and applications; 1K and 2K chemistries both solventborne and waterborne, and different “coating layers” including basecoat/clearcoat, monocoat, and undercoat.


Mormile has decades of experience with both polymer synthesis and coatings development and applications. This includes having synthesized polyesters, acrylics, alkyds, and epoxies. In addition to polymer synthesis experience, Mormile has formulated coatings systems for industrial, automotive refinish and automotive OEM applications/ markets.

Mormile’s time working with automotive refinishing has provided invaluable experience. He’s been involved in development and technical service of automotive refinish coatings systems for both general refinish and fleet (commercial vehicle) applications. This includes all “layers” of auto refinish coatings; primers, primer-surfacers, sealers, basecoats, and topcoats (single-stage and clearcoat). Mormile also has extensive hands-on experience with acrylic and polyester synthesis, with an in-depth understanding of structure property relationships. Additionally, he’s gained first-hand experience with spray and application equipment used with auto refinish coatings systems. This includes conventional, HVLP, and electrostatic spray equipment.

Initially, Mormile will explore new coatings technology for Industrial Finishes & Systems’ customers. He considers himself the company’s Coatings Herald. “My job is to find new technology and solutions that fit into our portfolio,” commented Mormile. “I’ll also serve as a champion for new technology and follow-through, helping the company assess business practicalities for our customers. Emerging chemical science is going to impact many industry segments.”

“I love lab work, but I don’t consider myself a lab rat solely,” added Mormile. “Determining how new technology impacts business really frosts my cookies.”


According to Industrial Finishes & Systems President, Glenn Duckworth, “Bringing Pat on board demonstrates our unyielding commitment to new, innovative solutions in the coatings industry. As a solutions provider, we have to understand the impact that new technology has at a chemical and molecular level, and Pat is an expert in his field. He’s worked for leading-edge chemical companies and holds several patents. I don’t know of another distributor with this depth of expertise on staff, and our customers will benefit greatly.”

Industrial Finishes & Systems Founder, Stuart Barr, added, “There’s an element of safety for our customers that comes with a deeper understanding of chemistry as it relates to product selection. Knowledge of the science involved helps us make more informed recommendations and decisions. Bringing Pat on board lets us and our customers see what’s behind the chemistry. In other words, Pat can help us gain greater understanding with regard to the ‘why’ behind the things we see in the field.”

Barr continued, “Pat’s addition to our team further ensures our focus on quality. We pre-screen and test products before we put them on the shelf, and we do this with brand blindness. Pat’s expertise will contribute heavily to this process.”

Mormile will be based in the Midwest and work with customers in each of Industrial Finishes & Systems’ markets, including automotive, recreation vehicle, aerospace and industrial. He is an avid runner and stays young by spending time with his 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

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